Monday, May 18, 2009

Forget filling in room service forms or hanging do not disturbs signs on the door - hotels in the U.S. are communicating with guests using iPods and iPhones, a practice which soon after Australia.

Guests at the Malibu Beach Inn Hotel and the sky, both in California, can food, drinks, wake-up calls, spa treatments, concierge services and transportation, all from a special application on their iPhone or iPod Touch.

If they do not have either of the devices at check-in, guests with a 16 GB iPod Touch, the "Hotel Evolution" application already loaded.

The application also allows guests - after logging in with their room and security policy code - the search for information on shopping, nightlife and restaurants, as well as their messages.

There is an option in order not to disturb you, room cleaning, or additional linens, towels and toiletries.

Evolution of the hotel developer, Runtriz, said the system has also been in several hotels in Las Vegas, Orange County, Miami and New Jersey, but further details are not yet announced.

"We look forward to outside of the States, luxury real estate in Germany, but as of yet in the discussion with all the properties there," said a spokeswoman.

Hotels reportedly pay Runtriz $ US10 per room for the use of the service, but it is unclear whether these costs on to customers.

Apple announced this week it was the third largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world in terms of revenue, with the iPhone outselling BlackBerry phones in the last quarter.

The iPhone sales of $ US4.6 billion for the quarter behind Nokia ($ US12.7 billion) and Samsung ($ US5.9 billion), but Sony Ericsson ($ US4.2 billion), LG ($ US3. 4 billion), Motorola ($ US3.2 billion) and BlackBerry manufacturer RIM ($ US2.1 billion).

In Apple's earnings call chief executive Steve Jobs welcomed the result as a "milestone" for the company.

"RIM is a company that good products, and it's surprising after only 15 months on the market, we have the restaurant in every quarter," he said.

"If this is not stunning, I do not know what is."

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